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Chetna Foundation is the result of the laborious efforts of Dr. Santosh Kumar, whose decade and a half long professional journey exhibits his immense desire to help families achieve goals that they were told were not possible. It provides complete care for the children through various therapeutic interventions like Occupational Therapy, ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education.

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Chetna Foundation, Best Occupational Therapy service in Vasant Kunj

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people in functioning of everyday life. Many children with and without disabilities are affected by challenges in processing and integrating sensation. Challenges in detecting, interpreting and adaptively responding to sensory stimuli affects a child's ability to participate in meaningful and valued occupations.

Child’s occupation primarily involves play School based learning and participating in society age appropriately. This therapy focuses on promoting health and well- being by helping develop this in children. The primary goal of this therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. Occupational therapy works to develop cognition, play, social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and living skills.

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Chetna Foundation, Best Speech Therapy service in  Vasant Kunj

Speech & Language Therapy

Many children with language difficulties so they suffer in communication failure. So speech therapy used to treat variety of disorder related to producing speech, language communication and other oral motor function.

Speech therapist works to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech. They also enhance language, social communication, but also cognitive skills. Speech therapy help in curing voice disorder, fluency disorder, articulation problem and swallowing disorder in children.

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Chetna Foundation, Best ABA Therapy service in Vasant Kunj

ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is the application of the principle of learning . And also motivation from behavior analysis . The procedures and technology derived from those principles to the solution of problems of social significance. This therapy in india is a behavioral technique. So it should produce large enough effects to be of practical value. Also this therapy ,involves multiple treatment steps that help children overcome challenging behaviors . It also develop socially significant skills.

ABA therapy in delhi uses systematic, evidence-based methods to improve socially significant behaviors in children with autism. Hundreds of studies have shown that the therapy is the most effective form of autism therapy. And it is endorsed by the US Surgeon General.It's on improving specific behavior such as social skills, communication ,reading . ABA therapy also help to improve academics as well as adaptive learning skills.It includes such as fine motor dexterity, grooming, domestic capabilities and job competence.

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Chetna Foundation, Best Special Education Services in Vasant Kunj

Special Education

Special education is directed by special educator to the students have physical, emotional or cognitive learning disabilities.Special education is the practice of educating students in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Ideally, this process involves the individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures.

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Chetna Foundation, Best Yoga Therapy Services in Vasant Kunj

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy focusses on Breathing exercise, meditation and guided imaginary to improve mental and physical health. Yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body and spirit.

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Chetna Foundation, Best Sports Services in Vasant Kunj


Sports can be challenging for differently abled children. But howerver that doesn't mean differently abled children should stay away from sports. Sports help in improve the health, well-being as well as the quality of life for their children. Goal oriented activities like sports boosts their self-confidence. Here children are trained in different pre sports skill for skating, cycling, basket ball etc under the guidance of sports teacher.

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