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Developmental Delays in Children, Best Therapy center for Child Sensory Processing Disorders in delhi ncr
November 14, 2021 / By Dr. Santosh Kumar

Developmental Delays in Children

“Every child is a different kind of flower that altogether make this world a beautiful garden” – Unknown!

Raising a toddler with special needs, to bring the kid to a world of happiness and believe in effects that society frequently puts to the sidelines, are often difficult than it can seem. It is a challenge for parents with a toddler taking special needs to help them create their own world, to form life joyous for them, as special needs create special demands. But also again we don’t give up on ourselves, as bitter trials can often turn out into blessings.

A review plays an important role in children at the age between 2-2.5 years with developmental delays at a critical time in their physical, cognitive, social and emotional, and behavioral development. Additionally, it is also essential to check whether children have received their required vaccinations and keeping a check on these areas can be crucial in promoting healthy eating and oral health, information on managing behavior or establishing good sleeping habits.

Children reach developmental milestones at their own pace and some move briskly than others. Two siblings in the same family may reach milestones at different rates. Minor, temporary delays in reaching milestones can be a sign there may be challenges later in life. Delay in reaching language, thinking, social, or motor skills milestones is called developmental delay. It is more than being a little behind in any one area of milestones.

Talking about meeting milestones is common among proud parents. But it can be nerve-racking to see or hear about other kids passing milestones before your child does and you may worry about developmental delays. There’s more to it than being slower to develop or a little behind. A developmental delay means children are continually behind in gaining the skills expected by a certain age.

A developmental delay can happen in just one area or in a few and a global developmental delay (GDD) is when children have delays in at least two areas. Developmental delay may be caused by a variety of factors which include heredity, complications during pregnancy and premature birth. In some children it is typically caused by things beyond a family’s control. For example, a speech delay can be caused by temporary hearing loss from multiple ear infections.

When a child is not meeting multiple milestones as quickly as expected, a doctor might suggest an early intervention evaluation to understand what’s going on.

Speech and Language Delay

It is the ability to use and understand language. A speech delay occurs when children aren’t saying as many words as would be expected for their age. Whereas, a language delay occurs when they have difficulty understanding what other people say or can’t express their own thoughts.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Delay

It is the ability to coordinate small and large muscles to explore the world. Fine motor skills include small movements like holding a toy or using a crayon and gross motor skills require larger movements like jumping, climbing stairs or throwing a ball. Exhibiting some of the following signs can mean that your child has delays in developing some of these skills:

• Stiff arms and legs

• Inability to sit without support by 9 months old

• Dominance of involuntary reflexes over voluntary movements

Social and Emotional Skills Delay

It is the ability to get along with others, communicate needs, show and express feelings. Delay in these skills refer to conditions in which children have not reached expected interactive and perceptive milestones for their chronological age.

The strength that drives parents to make life fair for their children requiring special needs, to make life joyyful amidst harsh circumstances, to give them happiness and believe in the spirit of hope and healing is miraculous. It is hard, these are the things that others cannot comprehend. But then again, life goes on. So, believe in things that brinng you a world of happiness, give your children the power to make life fair, help them create their own world and live beautifully.

If you have a child with special needs for developmental delay, Chetna Foundation is here to help change your worry into wonderful.